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Intergroup Relations Program

Price Center East, Level 3
Mail Code 0078
(858) 534-6708

The Intergroup Relations Program serves as a conflict resolution resource center for the UC San Diego campus, providing programs and services relating to hate/bias prevention, mediation of student intergroup conflict, and issues that affect campus climate. We achieve our mission through the following methods: education, problem resolution, campus climate assessment, and collaboration with UCSD departments and other universities.

Intergroup Dialogue courses are offered to give students an in-depth opportunity to acquire and practice essential communication and leadership skills needed to be a productive and culturally competent citizen in a diverse democracy. Our individual workshops, known as our Coexist programs, equip both individuals and groups with the skills, knowledge, and awareness necessary for working through conflict, understanding differences, and living in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Information about workshops can be found at our Web site.

Our office also provides the opportunity to report bias incidents on campus. Bias incidents are acts of conduct, speech, or expression that target individuals and groups based on race, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation. Filing a report helps the university create a safe environment that supports the educational mission of the institution. In addition, unreported bias incidents can perpetuate continued bias and erode the campus climate. Making a report calls attention to bias, reduces further incidents, and benefits the entire campus community. This service is also available at our Web site.