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Student Services and Programs

College Dean of Student Affairs’ Offices

Revelle, Mail Code 0321, (858) 534-3492

Muir, Mail Code 0106, (858) 534-3587

Marshall, Mail Code 0509, (858) 534-4390

Warren, Mail Code 0422, (858) 534-4731

Roosevelt, Mail Code 0546, (858) 534-2237

Sixth College, Mail Code 0054, (858) 822-5953

The offices of the college deans of student affairs perform many functions. They provide support, advice, counseling, and referral for students and parents in many areas including commuter, transfer, and residential matters. The deans’ offices develop and coordinate activities such as Orientation, Welcome Week, commencement; leadership and co-curricular learning opportunities; decisions about remaining in or withdrawing from school; college disciplinary matters; involvement in student governments; community service/volunteer opportunities; planning social, educational and cultural activities; assisting students with disabilities; and assisting in hearing procedures regarding grievances.

Contact your college dean of student affairs’ office for assistance, particularly if you do not know which university office or resource would best be able to assist you with your problem nor concern.