Interdisciplinary Research on Substance Use

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

Faculty for Joint Doctoral Program

San Diego State University

Heather Corliss, Professor, Graduate School of Public Health

David Engstrom, Professor, School of Social Work

Mindy Hohman, Professor, School of Social Work

Melbourne Hovell, Distinguished Professor, Graduate School of Public Health

Susan Kiene, Professor, Graduate School of Public Health

Elizabeth Reed, Assistant Professor, Medicine

Mark Reed, Professor, School of Social Work

Lianne Urada, Assistant Professor, Medicine

John Weeks, Clinical Professor

Susan Woodruff, Professor, School of Social Work

Maria Luisa Zuñiga, Professor

University of California, San Diego

Christian Achim, Professor in Residence, Psychiatry and Neuropathology

Robert Anthenelli, Professor, Psychiatry

Leonid Beletsky, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Kimberly Brouwer, Associate Professor, Family Medicine and Public Health

Sandra Brown, Clinical Professor, Psychiatry

Mariana Cherner, Associate Professor in Residence, Psychiatry

Javier Cepeda, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Peter Davidson, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

David Deitch, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Emeritus

Tommi Gaines, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Richard Garfein, Adjunct Professor, Medicine

David Grelotti, Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychiatry

Janis Jenkins, Professor, Anthropology

Patricia Judd, Clinical Professor, Psychiatry

Igor Koutsenok, Professor, Psychiatry

Timothy K. Mackey, Associate Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Chitra Mandyam, Associate Adjunct Professor, Anesthesiology

Carla Marienfeld, Associate Clinical Professor, Psychiatry

Natasha Martin, Associate Professor, Medicine

Alison Moore, Professor, Medicine

Mark Myers, Professor in Residence, Psychiatry

Victoria Ojeda, Associate Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Abraham Palmer, Professor, Psychiatry

Tom Patterson, Professor in Residence, Psychiatry

Heather Pines, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Eileen Pitpitan, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Anita Raj, Professor, Medicine

Davey Smith, Professor, Medicine

Laramie Smith, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Jamila Stockman, Associate Professor, Medicine

Steffanie Strathdee, Harold Simon Professor, Medicine

Ryan Trim, Associate Professor, Psychiatry

Kiyomi Tsuyuki, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Jennifer Wagman, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Tamara Wall, Associate Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Dan Werb, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Brooke West, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Shu-Hong Zhu, Professor, Family Medicine and Public Health

Doug Ziedonis, Professor, Psychiatry

University of Southern California

Lawrence Palinkas, Professor, School of Social Work