Environmental Systems

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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

Program Faculty

Mark H. Thiemens, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Program Director

Jane Teranes, Lecturer, Associate Director

Eric E. Allen, Assistant Professor, Marine Biology, SIO

Donna Blackman, Research Geophysicist, SIO

Ronald S. Burton, Professor, Marine Biology, SIO

Richard T. Carson, Professor, Economics

Christopher D. Charles, Professor, Oceanography, SIO

Elsa E. Cleland, Assistant Professor, Biology

Clark Gibson, Professor, Political Science

Sarah T. Gille, Associate Professor, MAE, SIO

Joshua S. Graff Zivin, Associate Professor, International Relations and Pacific Studies

Kim Griest, Professor, Physics

Amro M. Hamdoun, Assistant Professor, Marine Biology, SIO

Philip Hastings, Professor, Marine Biology, SIO

Myrl C. Hendershott, Professor, Oceanography, SIO

David R. Hilton, Professor, Geochemistry, SIO

William S. Hodgkiss, Professor, Electrical Engineering, SIO

David A. Holway, Associate Professor, Biology

Miriam Kastner, Professor, Geosciences, SIO

Lisa Levin, Professor, Integrative Oceanography, SIO

Paul Linden, Professor, MAE

Kim McDonald, Lecturer, Director of Science Communication

Joel Norris, Associate Professor, Climate Sciences, SIO

Brian Palenik, Professor, Marine Biology, SIO

Keith Pezzoli, Lecturer, Urban Studies and Planning

Frank L. Powell, Professor, Medicine/Director, White Mountain Research Station

Jeffrey B. Remmel, Professor, Mathematics

John Sclater, Professor, Marine Geophysics, SIO

Lisa Shaffer, Executive Director, Environmental Sustainability Initiative

Richard C. J. Somerville, Professor Emeritus, Climate Sciences, SIO

Hubert Staudigel, Research Geophysicist, SIO

Lynne Talley, Professor, Physical Oceanography, SIO

Lisa Tauxe, Professor, Geosciences, SIO

Ray F. Weiss, Professor Emeritus, Geosciences, SIO

David Woodruff, Professor, Biology

Junjie Zhang, Assistant Professor, International Relations and Pacific Studies