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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

Minor in Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies minor offers students from every major a basic grounding in the scientific, technical, social, and cultural issues presented by the interaction of human beings with their environment and the need to build a more environmentally sustainable future.

The two required courses, ENVR 30 and ENVR 110, have no prerequisites. Some of the other courses related to the minor, particularly those in Group A, have significant prerequisites; students planning an Environmental Studies minor should check catalog course descriptions carefully. Some credit toward the minor may be gained through independent study, field research, study abroad, the Academic Internship Program, and others. Students must petition such academic experiences toward their Environmental Studies minor requirements. Petitions for petitionable courses, transfer courses, and individual additions to the courses listed below must be approved by the chair of the Environmental Studies Steering Committee. For updates, individual advising, and quarterly lists, please contact envrstudies@ucsd.edu.

Applicable and Petitionable Courses

Environmentally-based courses offered by UC San Diego departments fall into two categories: applicable and petitionable. Applicable courses are those that have been approved as always applying to the ENVR minor. Petitionable courses are either new, and therefore not yet approved as applicable, or are “topics” courses that focus on environmental matters only in particular quarters. Petitionable courses may be approved by petition to the minor during the quarters in which they appear in the ENVR quarterly lists.

Quarterly Lists

Each quarter, when the upcoming quarter’s Schedule of Classes is published, the Environmental Studies quarterly list is available in H&SS 2126 and on the website. The quarterly list is an important, comprehensive source of information about ENVR course offerings as well as those from departments throughout the campus. It identifies applicable as well as petitionable courses for a given quarter. For reference, the office and the website maintain archives of quarterly lists.

The minor is structured as follows:



Group A—Natural Sciences

BILD 3. Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

BIEB 121. General Ecology Laboratory

BIEB 131. Marine Invertebrate Ecology Laboratory

BIEB 140. Biodiversity

BIEB 165. Behavioral Ecology Laboratory

BIEB 166. Animal Behavior and Communication

BIEB 176. Conservation and the Human Predicament (cross-listed with ANBI 132)

Chemistry 15. Chemistry of the Universe

Chemistry 149A. Environmental Chemistry

Chemistry 149B. Environmental Chemistry

Chemistry 173. Atmospheric Chemistry

Environmental Studies 102. Selected Topics in Environmental Studies (when taught from a natural sciences perspective)

Environmental Systems 101. The Living Earth

Environmental Systems 103. The Human Earth

Environmental Systems 120. Science and Environmental Writing

MAE 118A. Energy: Nonnuclear Energy Technologies

Physics 12. Energy and the Environment

Science, Technology, Public Affairs 35. Society and the Sea

SIO 10. The Earth

SIO 12. History of Earth and Evolution

SIO 15. Natural Disasters

SIO 16. Geology of National Parks

SIO 20. The Atmosphere

SIO 30. The Oceans

SIO 35. Water

SIO 110. Introduction to GIS and GPS for Scientists

SIO 132. Introduction to Marine Biology

SIO 134. Introduction to Biological Oceanography

Group B—Social Sciences/Humanities

ANAR 108. Archaeology of the UC San Diego Campus

ANAR 182. Origins of Agriculture and Sedentism

ANBI 132. Conservation and the Human Predicament (cross-listed with BIEB 176)

ANSC 160. Nature, Culture and Environmentalism Communication

Communication 171. Environmental Communication

Economics 131. Economics of the Environment

Economics 132. Energy Economics

Economics 145. Economics of Ocean Resources

Environmental Studies 102. Selected Topics in Environmental Studies (when taught from a humanities/social sciences perspective)

Environmental Studies 140. Wilderness and Human Values

Ethnic Studies 103. Environmental Racism

History 154. Western Environmental History

IRPS GN 458. International Environmental Policy and Politics

IRPS GN 459. Conflict Resolution of Environmental Issues

Philosophy 148. Philosophy and the Environment

Philosophy 164. Technology and Human Values

Political Science 104E. Environmental Law and Policy

Political Science 125A. Communities and the Environment

Political Science 162. Environmental Policy

Sociology 149. Sociology of the Environment

Urban Studies and Planning 2. Urban World System

Urban Studies and Planning 124. Land Use Planning

Urban Studies and Planning 144. Environmental and Preventive Health Issues

Urban Studies and Planning 171. Sustainable Development