Clinical Psychology

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Clinical Psychology Courses

Clinical Psychology 209. Child Development and Neuropsychology (3)

Basic aspects of behavioral and neuropsychological development, including guest lectures from program faculty on developmental disorders and clinical assessment issues specific to children. Some emphasis on practical techniques relevant to assessments of minor patients. Prerequisites: completion of two-year core curriculum in the Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology.

Clinical Psychology 294. Proseminar in Neuropsychology (3)

Yearlong course (294A,B,C), each for three credits, offered sequentially fall, winter, spring. Provides a fundamental knowledge of brain-behavior relationships as well as strategies and methods of neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation.

School of Medicine 202E. Social and Behavioral Sciences—Psychopathology (3)

This sequence will acquaint students with techniques of interviewing, concepts of mental illness and normality, basic research in causality of behavioral disorders, and approaches to treatment, all in the context of a bio-psycho-social frame of reference. Format combines a lecture followed by smaller group sessions with a faculty leader. The groups enable students to meet patients with behavioral disorders, to practice interviewing, to develop observational skills, and to discuss material presented in lectures and assigned readings. (S/U grades only.) Prerequisites: SOM 202A,C,D or consent of instructor.

Clinical Psychology 296. Independent Study (1–12)   

Independent survey of basic concepts in clinical psychology using various sources of material, including scientific papers in clinical psychology and behavioral science and other sources as seem indicated.