Buildings and Facilities Codes
Updated 05/25/2021
Link to Campus parking map (this map is the most current)

Code Building Location Map Bldg #
APM Applied Physics & Mathematics Building Muir 249
ASANT Asante Hall Eleanor Roosevelt 446
BIO Biology Building Muir 259
BIRCH Birch Aquarium SIO SIO
BONN Bonner Hall Revelle 131
BSB Basic Science Building Medical School 820
CCC Cross-Cultural Center University Center 720
CENTR Center Hall University Center 984
CICC Copely International Conference Center Eleanor Roosevelt 455
CLICS Center for Library & Instructional Computing Services Revelle 141
CLIN Clinical Sciences Building Medical School 865
CMG Center for Molecular Genetics Medical School 805
CMME Center for Molecular Medicine East Medical School 803
CMMW Center for Molecular Medicine West Medical School 801
CMRR Center for Magnetic Recording Research Warren 620
CNCB Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior Medical School 805
CRB Chemistry Research Building Thurgood Marshall 393
CPMC Conrad Presbys Music Center University Center 955
CSB Cognitive Science Building Thurgood Marshall 397
CTL Catalyst North Torrey Pines Living Learning Neighborhood
DANCE Wagner Dance Facility Revelle 175
DIB Design and Innovation Building Warren
DSD Deep Sea Drilling Building SIO SIO
EBU1 Engineering Building Unit 1 Warren 600
EBU2 Engineering Building Unit 2 Warren 610
EBU3B Engineering Building Unit 3 Warren 602
ECKRT SIO Library, Eckart Building SIO SIO
ECON Economics Building Thurgood Marshall 370
ERCA Eleanor Roosevelt College Administration Eleanor Roosevelt 440
FORUM Mandell Weiss Forum Revelle 173
GA General Academic NTPLL North Torrey Pines Living Learning Neighborhood
GEISL Geisel Library University Center 900
GH Galbraith Hall Revelle 141
HSS Humanities & Social Sciences Building Muir 250
IGPP Institute of Geophysics & Planetary Physics SIO SIO
IOA Institute of the Americas Eleanor Roosevelt 453
JEANN The Jeannie North Torrey Pines Living Learning Neighborhood
KECK W.M. Keck Building (fMRI) Medical School 822
LASB Latin American Studies Building Eleanor Roosevelt 451
LEDDN AUD Patrick J. Ledden Auditorium (formerly HSS 2250) Muir 250
LFFB Leichtag Family Foundation Biomedical Research Building Medical School 804
LIT Literature Building Warren 627
MANDE Mandeville Center Muir 285
MAYER Mayer Hall Revelle 133
MCC Media Center/Communication Building Thurgood Marshall 390
MCGIL William J. McGill Hall Muir 246
MET Medical Education and Telemedicine Medical School 845
MNDLR Mandler Hall (formerly McGill Hall Annex) Muir 245
MOS Mosaic North Torrey Pines Living Learning Neighborhood
MTF Medical Teaching Facility Medical School 830
MWEIS Mandell Weiss Center Revelle 171
MYR-A Mayer Hall Addition Revelle 135
NIERN Nierenberg Hall SIO SIO
NSB Natural Sciences Building Revelle 128
NTV Nierenberg Hall Annex SIO SIO
OAR Ocean & Atmospheric Res Bldg SIO SIO
OFF Off Campus Off Campus N/A
OTRSN Otterson Hall Eleanor Roosevelt 580
P416 P416 Outdoor Classroom University Center
PACIF Pacific Hall Revelle 111
PCYNH Pepper Canyon Hall University Center 780
PETER Peterson Hall Thurgood Marshall 399
PFBH Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall Warren 601
POTKR Potiker Theatre Revelle 177
PRICE Price Center University Center 911
RBC Robinson Building Complex Eleanor Roosevelt 463
RCLAS Remote
RECGM Recreation Gym Muir 265
REV Revelle Plaza Outdoor Classroom Revelle
RVCOM Revelle Commons Revelle 127
RVPRO Revelle College Provost Building Revelle 149
RWAC Ridge Walk Academic Complex North Torrey Pines Living Learning Neighborhood
SCHOL Scholander Hall SIO SIO
SCRB Stein Clinical Research Building Medical School 843
SCRPS Scripps Building SIO SIO
SDSC San Diego Supercomputer Center Eleanor Roosevelt 481
SEQUO Sequoyah Hall Thurgood Marshall 350
SERF Science & Engineering Research Facility University Center 930
SME Structural & Materials Science Engineering Building Sixth 734
SOLIS Faustina Solis Lecture Hall Thurgood Marshall 395
SPIES Fred N. Spies Hall SIO SIO
SSB Social Sciences Building Eleanor Roosevelt 490
SSC Student Services Center University Center 931
SVERD Sverdrup Hall SIO SIO
TBA To Be Arranged N/A N/A
TM102 Thurgood Marshall College 102 Thurgood Marshall 394
TMCA Thurgood Marshall College Administration Building Thurgood Marshall 360
U201 University Center, Building 201 University Center 985
U303 Cancer Research Facility University Center 958
U409 University Center, Building 409 University Center 942/943
U413 University Center, Building 413 University Center 738
U413A University Center, Building 413A University Center 737
U515 University Center, Building 515 (formerly R515) University Center In P403
U516 University Center, Building 516 (formerly R516) University Center By 725
U517 University Center, Building 517 (formerly R517) University Center 726
U518 University Center, Building 518 (formerly R518) University Center By 725
UNEX University Extension Complex Marshall 325
UREY Urey Hall Revelle 113
URY-A Urey Hall Annex Revelle 114
VAF Visual Arts Facility (formerly VIS) Sixth 711
VAUGN Vaughan Hall SIO SIO
WARR Warren Mall Outdoor Classroom Warren
WFH Wells Fargo Hall Eleanor Roosevelt 581
WLH Warren Lecture Hall Warren 625
YORK Herbert F. York Undergraduate Sciences Building Revelle 137