"Qualified Education Expenses Paid" and "Gift Aid and Fee Reductions"

Revised 02/11/2015

The following lists contain information about the UCSD fees and aid which meet the TRA definitions for "qualified education expenses" and "gift aid and fee reductions". They cover fees and aid for the UCSD main campus, summer sessions, and extension.

Which fees are considered "Qualified Education Expenses Paid"?

Campus Activity Fee
College Activity Fees
Concurrent Fees (Extension)
Course Laboratory and Materials Fees
Education Fee
Flex MBA Fee
Graduate Self-Supporting Professional Degree Program Course Fees (M.A.S.)
Graduate Student Association Fee
Intercollegiate Athletics Student Activity Fee (including summer)
IRPS Computer Lab Fee
IRPS Professional Degree Fee
Joint Ed.D. Program Fee
MAS Clinical Research Program Fee
MAS Leadership of Healthcare Organizations Program Fee
MAS Marine Biodiversity & Conservation Program Fee
MBA Professional Degree Fee
Nonresident Tuition
Post-Secondary Cross Enrollment Administrative Fee
Professional Degree Fee for Medical and Pharmacy Students
Recreation Facility Fee (including summer)
Special Fee for Medical Students
Summer Scholars Tuition
Summer Sessions Computer Fee
Summer Sessions Enrichment Fee
Summer Sessions Technology Fee
Summer Sessions Tuition Fee
University Center Fee (including summer)
University Registration Fee (includes Statement of Intention to Register non-refundable deposit for new undergraduates)

Which fees are NOT considered "Qualified Education Expenses Paid"?

Application Fees
Billing Statement Late Charge
Candidacy Fee (e.g., for Ph.D.)
Certificate Fees (Extension)
Child Care
Course Description Fees
Disability Insurance Fee
Doctoral Dissertation Filing Fee
Housing Fees (room, board, etc.)
Health Insurance Fees
Late Enrollment Fee
Late Registration Fee
Master's Thesis Filing Fee
Service Charges
Statement of Intention to Register non-refundable deposit, if student does not register
Summer Sessions Application Fee
Transcript Fees
Verification Fees

Which payments are considered "Gift Aid and Fee Reductions:?
Outside Sponsored Awards (e.g., scholarships from non-University sources), if information is readily available to the University
Teaching Assistant Health Insurance Fee Payment
Third-Party Billing Arrangements
Tuition/Fee Remission
Waivers and Exemptions

Which payments are NOT considered "Gift Aid and Fee Reductions"?
Adjustments to fee assessments and fee reductions (not including tuition/fee remission)
Cash payments (including checks)
Payments from third-parties (i.e., not from the student) with whom no formal billing arrangement exists
Refunds issued in the same tax year as the applicable qualified fees were paid
Work-study earnings